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Young father (B&W)

Holy Trinity, 'Gabba

The Photographer, white church

Victoria Bridge

Pedestrian, friday afternoon

Flowers that bloom at midnight

Yayoi Kusama,GoMA (pacing attendant)

Colchester Street

Urban Scene, with reference to Mondrian

Colchester Street

South Brisbane, street scene

Kangaroo Point

Abseilers, the touch

Queen & Albert Streets

Two Women, passers-by

King George Square

Little Girl, running

King George Square

Happiness, (reprise)

South Bank

Woman, young man

South Bank

Riverside Expressway, friday evening

Grey Street

Shop Window, south brisbane

Ann & Edward Streets

City Photographer, self portraits

Adelaide Street

Adelaide Street, escalator

Edward Street

Night Scene, strangers

Major-General Sir William Glascow

Post Office Square, facing anzac square

North Quay-4995

North Quay, law court

Young Man, smoking

North Quay

Library, brisbane square