Old camera, new books

While I don’t usually discuss my photographs, I thought I might start changing my ways, since I seem to have a lot more spare time at the moment.  In fact, like a lot of people around the world at the moment, we are probably sharing similar experiences.  Despite all the downsides, I can see there can also be some personal upsides such as this.

Anyway, not to become philosophical, this photograph was made earlier today.  I have also made an 8×10 inch print of it using my Epson XP-15000 printed on Krisp photopaper and I like the results.  The print looks a little different to this image, an acceptable inevitability since pixels on a screen will always look different when converted to dots per inch from an inkjet on physical paper.  Either way, they both look good to my eye.

I have been tidying my overburdened bookcase and these books don’t seem to fit.  Not that I want to rid myself of them, quite the opposite.  I simply have not found a tidy home for them yet.  Some I bought, some were gifts, all good reading in different ways.

The camera belonged to my wife’s father who bought it in the late 1950’s and used it to capture his growing family with it, mostly using the Kodachrome slide film of the day.  A lot of these slides still exist and the colours are still…what can I say?… wonderful.  He also had a great eye being an artist in oils and some of his photos have a timeless composition and feel to them.  Maybe I should share a few of them here sometime.

For anyone interested, some technical details:  Sigma DP1M with a Ricoh 0.75 wide converter; ISO 400; 1/80 sec at f2.8, handheld, developed from the X3F file using Sigma Photo Pro 5.

By the way, the old camera is a Neoca 35 with a Neokor 45mm f2.8 lens.

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