Last week in Brisbane, 6







5 thoughts on “Last week in Brisbane, 6

    • I’ve been using colour but never really happy with what I’m getting so I thought I’d return to monochrome this week. It made me feel “at home” and more comfortable. Perhaps that is coming through too. Thanks for your insights, much appreciated, as always.

      • I still own a Ricoh GX200. Marvelous little gem. Slow but unbeaten in it’s concept. It led me into digital photography. I will keep it until it dies 😉 I also have a Sigma DP2 an DP1. I loved to use them. But now they are beyond my needs. I should give them a try once again. Just a different way of taking pictures by using the Foveon sensor. As you said: Struggling with colour treatment leads always back to pure b/w photography. In this range the Foveon is hard to beat. Well – please apologize my gear talk. Regards – KU

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