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each time I look at the world (street impressions)

I used to walk in shadows (street impression)

Bridges - WJ 1-

Bridges Project, 6

Bridges - WJ Steps 3-

Bridges Project, 5

Bridges - Cross River 2-

Bridges Project, 4

Bridges - Go Between 2-

Bridges Project, 3

Bridges - Go Between 1-

Bridges Project, 2

Bridges - Rail Crossing 1-

Bridges Project, 1

Sydney Oct 2015-2




through a fence, darkly


at the powerhouse

Market Street-4279

Market Street

The Domain-4244

off Art Gallery Road

Ann Street-9238095

November sun, ann street

George Street-9238137

Perception and reality, george street

George Street-9238145

Perception and reality, queen street

Sydney - streets 7-

Sydney, October

Queen Street-9238163

Queen Street

Ann Street-9238107

on Ann Street