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Sunday, Powerhouse

King George Square

Mary Street--2

Mary Street

Albert Street Mall-

on Albert

CBD Shardows-

Urban shapes, 2

Elizabeth Street-2

Stop 83, Elizabeth Street

CBD Shadows-

Urban shapes

Charlotte Street Aug 2015-

on Charlotte Street

Rochedale Estates 25082015-

August morning

Off Gardner Road 23082015-

Old farm lane, off Gardner Road

JPR August 15-

Disclosure statement

Creek Street August 15-

Creek Street, friday afternoon

Ann Street August 15--4

St. Andrew’s steps

Ann Street August 15--3

Traffic, commuter

Ann Street August 15--2

Friday traffic

Alberts Street August 15-

Albert Street, visitors

KGS 310715--10

Perceptions and realities…(yes, there’s more)

KGS 310715--9

Ann Street, 2…July light

KGS 310715--8

Ann Street, July light

KGS 310715--5

…3 July light