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Story Bridge

Peak hour

King George

Art imitating art

Brisbane Arcade-9231589

Fashion Awards

Roma Street-0012410

Roma Street, workers’ smoko

Brisstreet trilogy-9231500

history, inspiration, brisstreet

Eight Mile Plains

Suburban life


ANZAC Square-2153379

Friday evening

ANZAC Square-2

ANZAC Square (umbrella ladies)

Eight Mile Plains

A path home

King George Square

City Picnic

ANZAC Square

Memorial of war

NSW Art Gallery


Burnett Lane

Something so strong (happy new year)

Peace love and understanding

South Brisbane-4734

Urban uniformity

Valley Church-1296870

Who are you, who, who?

Chinatown reflection-1296674

For Michael, with thanks

On the 111

Commuter self portrait