Runner, lunchtime

Riverside Walkway

2 thoughts on “Runner, lunchtime

  1. Wonderful stark image- an isolated feeling with that tiny runner seeming so minute and finite, a contrast to those great slabs of concrete, the seemingly indifferent whir of cars rushing by, and the looming of those towering buildings, where cubicles await, businesses are buzzing away- a city that will hum on as it is now, long after that runner is gone. But the trees lend a certain gentle friendliness and calmness, and there seems to be a peace, there, alongside the water, and the energy of the runner, pummeling on, despite all this oppression, she is a part of the city for this time, she has purpose, no matter how small and fragile she may seem. Lot to wonder at. A wonderful image. Excellent!

  2. Glad you can read my photograph so well. I think you see even more than I did! I appreciate your interpretation, it makes me think about it more…and I was there at the time

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