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Brunswick Street, The Valley

Man with Umbrella, No.2

Ann Street, The Valley

Taxi, passenger

Wickham & Brunswick Streets, The Valley

Traffic, pedestrian

Shadow series-1216269

Shadow figures

South Brisbane

Ernest Street

Young couple

Cruise Ship, portside

Merton Road

Protestant Hall, woolloongabba

Young Child, (reprise)

ANZAC Square

White Cloud, reflection

Shadow figure-1216282

Young Child, midday sun

Yayoi Kusama exhibition

GoMA: look now, see forever

Victoria Bridge

5:25, friday afternoon

Grey Street

QPAC Posters, south brisbane

Holy Trinity, 'Gabba

The Photographer, white church

Victoria Bridge

Pedestrian, friday afternoon

Flowers that bloom at midnight

Yayoi Kusama,GoMA (pacing attendant)

Colchester Street

Urban Scene, with reference to Mondrian

South Bank Bus Station

Urban Sky

Colchester Street

South Brisbane, street scene

the Gabba

Broadway Hotel