Just how old…

…is this suburban butcher shop in Deagon, no one seems to know for sure.  In the ’60s I used to walk past this shop on my way to school, not knowing then just how old it was.  It looked much the same then.

Coming from Loftus Street

From Barclay Street

I got talking to the current owner, Cathy, yesterday. Seems this old shop has some history. The government set up butcher shops all over Brisbane in the early days (1800’s) before refrigeration. The Deagon Butcher is Registered Butcher Shop No. 18.

No one is sure when it was registered, but we do know that No. 156 was registered in 1885. So this little Deagon shop has to be older than that.

The mechanic is still there too, but used to be McCormack’s. I’m starting to sound like an old timer.

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