These few precious days (street impression)

On the mall, Queen Street

George Street crossing

Protest rally, photographer

Stop Rohingya Genocide

King George Square 150522-

In King George Square, a woman holds her sign of protest up for a television camera.

Queen Street Mall

Queen Street Mall 150522-

A young Mormon boy checks his mobile phone as a woman passes by.

Mary Street

Charlotte Street

Elizabeth Street

A little after quarter past.

Melbourne - Tram with face-

On a tram in the Melbourne CBD, a young woman’s face is lit by the light of the sun. Although there are other people there, you can’t really see them.

in a Melbourne street

Melbourne - man with glasses-

A man wearing glasses on his forehead waits to cross the street while the walk signal is on. Another man on the other side of the street walks and talks on his phone.

For Nepal

Sunday in Maleny

Perception and reality, 3

Perception and reality, 2

Father and child

Elizabeth Street

Postcard scene

Perception and reality

Who is Number One?


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